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Time to Zumba!

Updated: Feb 19

Why would anyone want to "have a go" at Zumba?!

To start with, it's so much fun, and we know if you enjoy something you are so much more likely to stick with it. Most of our Zumba enthusiasts come to us once or twice per week, so its a great way to make new friends and keep each other going! Other great benefits include:

  • Great for weight loss

  • Tones your entire body

  • Boosts your heart health

  • Improves coordination

  • Makes you happy!

We have 2 fantastic instructors, Jodie and Fanny, plus several more brilliant ones in reserve!

See Fanny's class in action above!

Book here to give it a go:

Thursdays at 9.15am with Fanny

Fridays at 10am with Jodie

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