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How to become a Boxing Master Coach!

Master Coach Joe Segar takes us on his journey into becoming our Studio Boxing Circuits Instructor:

Joe began his journey into Fitness, Martial Arts and Boxing in the late 1980's. Within four years of intense and focused immersion he had achieved Black Belt status in Wing Chun Chinese Boxing and opened the Godalming class which is still producing fit and skilled individuals in the area. After studying Health and Nutrition at Farnborough Tech, Joe expanded his coaching repertoire to concentrate on personal fitness clients.

His friendly, mature and robust approach leads to a guaranteed progression for all.

His style is 'Maker not Breaker' and will always look at cultivating the physical, intellectual and emotional aspects of an individual’s fitness journey. He's also got a wicked sense of humour which helps when the going gets a little tough!

Pro-Fit Strength & Conditioning was born from the marriage between ‘Old School’ strongman regimes and the new school of functional fitness protocols. All his programs will stimulate muscular endurance/strength, cardio fitness & physical resilience. He can also impart dietary and nutritional guidance with email/text support.

A recommendation from one of our members led to Paul and Joe joining forces and now Joe leads our Boxing Combat Circuits class at GoFest Active Studio, on Thursdays at 8am. Joe comments "It's going down a storm with men and women alike..a great group of highly enthusiastic GoFesters!"

He reminds us that ..."Age, Height, Weight, Fitness level are NO barrier, everyone starts with what they’ve got today, then moving into developing your personal physical culture via tangible and achievable goals.....and its great fun too!"  

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