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Are you keeping fit & healthy whilst working from home?

Using GoFest Active Studio to look after yourself? We all need to maintain our Health and fitness in all aspects of our life, and one of the areas that often gets forgotten is our working environment (Office, Home Office or Hybrid Working). Many of today's work related minor aches and pains can become tomorrow’s ongoing health issues. So, as a member of GoFest Active Studio, why not check out your working environment. Healthy Home & Office are local experts in office ergonomics providing a range of assessment services. They also have a showroom in Guildford, GU2 9PB , with 5 different models of height adjustable desks, over 20 chairs, monitor arms, and a variety of other accessories.

They have many years of experience to help advise and guide you in how to make the best of existing equipment, whilst also making you aware of how you may be able to improve your overall working set up. So take this opportunity to help yourself, as a healthier you can only benefit from a more comfortable working setup., Contact Philip Johns 01483 600085 / 07968 017956


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